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We understand you need a building that works for you and your organization, and it must function well.

Health Care Construction

We are very familiar with the challenges of creating high-quality, cost-effective health care environments.

Water Treatment

The most powerful things we do is help improve water quality for millions of people each year.

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What We Do

Architectual Photography

Stunning high resolution photos are produced using professional studio lighting and state-of-the-art digital editing techniques.

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Aerial Photography and Video

We offer clients cost efficient options for high quality aerial photography and video.

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Video Production

Promotional videos are filmed in HD resolution with cinema quality cameras, lenses, and stabilizing equipment.

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Graphic Design & Marketing

We do our best to help clients with marketing, including graphic design (like logos, floor plans, Google Earth) and social media integration.

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Recent News

Finding New Buildings in the Dust


With the continued and growing emphasis on sustainability in construction we could be on the verge of a radical shift in how we think about the cur

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How To Build A Construction Plan

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The housing industry has proceeded at a red-hot pace for several years running.

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Construction Honored with AGC Builders

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Last night, Construction was honored to accept a Best Builders Award from the Associated General Contractors of Vermont for the construction of the

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Construction Forklift Buyers Guide

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A forklift used at one construction site might not be the best for another. Specific construction tasks vary, as do weight and size needs.

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Build a Wood Fired Clay Oven

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Building a wood fired clay oven is a fun project and when you get done you’ll have fun using it too.

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Our Clients


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James M. Beck

About Company

Our clients range from FTSE companies, to large organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand.

To see a detailed list of our works and the progress please see our project page.

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